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Book a Juicy, Low Cost Red for Your Weeknight Relaxation

$16 • Available in all states where we ship

 A high-end wine at an entry-level price? Well, doesn't that sound nice? Bookbinder's Apprentice 1st Edition Red Wine delivers all the artisan craftsmanship of Bookbinder at an eye-wateringly low cost. This elegant California wine is juicy and fruit-forward with blackberry and plum. Balanced by a hint of dried herbs on a rounded frame with a gulpable finish, Bookbinder's Apprentice demands a second sip. Elevate your weeknight happenings with this expressive wine at a fantastic value.

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We’re on a mission to disrupt the wine industry so we can do better for you and better for our planet. Going beyond organic, our Clean-Crafted™ wine is always free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and sweeteners. We partner with growers and family-owned farms to create delicious wine that's better on the vine, in the bottle, and in your glass.

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