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The beginning...

Faith and Farms began many years ago. Our first son is a very picky eater and we struggled to find healthy foods he would eat. We found that one dish was his favorite, scrambled eggs. We wanted to provide him with the very best, so we began researching where to find the most natural and healthy eggs. We realized that having our own backyard flock was the best option for our family. We began to raise our small flock. Soon after our young flock started laying, one of our hens became ill. After visiting our local farm feed store, they advised us to treat the entire flock with antibiotics. We were shocked, this went against the very reason that we started a backyard flock. We went home and started researching natural remedies. The number one option for healthy and strong immune systems was to use herbs and spices. So, 8 years ago our dream was born.

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Liz & The Faith and Farms Family